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Purple martins are totally dependent on humans to provide their nesting cavities. Using native gourds, native Americans provided nesting cavities for this species for many years. And with the loss of natural nesting sites, purple martin houses have gone from the simple gourd to a multilevel condominium complex which can be purchased through magazines, catalogs and some hardware stores. Many folks put up martin houses and are often glad to see these seasonal visitors return whether for their beauty, song or insect eating ability. Get on the band wagon and put one up, but don't be disappointed if you don't get any use right away. Initially it may take a couple of years, as they often have traditional sites they go to and it is new males that will likely find yours one year, then females the next. But in the mean time, make sure it doesn't get used by English house sparrows and starlings. Keep it vacant for the species of interest.
Purple Martin House

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