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Expert Witness Retainer

As our population grows, land fragmentation, human/wildlife interface conflict, and competition for finite and renewable resources will become the norm, not the exception. This not only creates a tension between stakeholders vying for resources, but the potential for damages. Wildlife Consultants’ staff has the professional background and diverse expertise to assist claimants or defendants with special needs that relate to wildlife-related damages. Expert witness testimony has played a role in the legal system since its inception in English law in 1782.  In today’s litigious society, having proper expertise to defend or fight a claim may make a significant difference in the case’s outcome. As Clarke’s fourth law puts it, “For every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert.”  Having the right experts on your side  is important when there are major assets or important interests on the line.
Some examples of litigation where Wildlife Consultants  may be able to provide qualified expert witness assistance are listed below.

  • Impact on native wildlife habitat due to development.
  • Lost income from wildlife-based recreation due to development.
  • Opportunity costs associated with development.
  • Costs associated with damages as a result of gross negligence or accidental activity (i.e. escape of “wildlife” due to gates being left open, vehicles running through fences, wildlife mortality due to chemical toxicity, etc.).
  • Diminished real estate values due to impacts on wildlife-based resources as a consequence of development.




Contact us at our email: info@thewildlifeconsultants.com or at (325) 655-0877 to discuss your needs and the possibility of retaining one of our professionals as an expert witness.


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